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Beaches of  The Gower 

Gower Peninsula just West of Swansea was designated the UK's first area of Outstanding Natural Beauty more than 45 years ago, and continues to attract visitors from around the world.


Caswell bay has a clean sandy beach about half a mile wide suitable for all the family with nice soft sand and plenty of rock pools for the children


Rhossili bay is a beautiful expanse of golden sand backed by lush green hillsides, and very popular with tourists to this area of Gower.

One of the main attractions at Rhossili is 'Worms Head' an outcrop of grass covered rock which is said to resemble a serpent when viewed from a certain angle.


Oxwich  is a sandy / pebbly beach backed by sand dunes and wooded headland and is one of the few beaches on Gower where dogs are allowed in the summer months. Parking is excellent.


Three Cliffs Bay is one of the most picturesque beaches of Gower. It takes its name from the three cliffs that jut out into the sea.

Unfortunately access to the beach is difficult and not for the infirm.The beach is sandy with lots of rock pools backed by cliffs which are very popular with climbers.


Langland Bay is one of the more popular beaches on Gower and can become crowded during the summer weekends. It has a wide sandy beaches great for the kids with their bucket and spade.


Port Eynon.The beach is fairly wide and sandy with some rock pools for the kids.

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