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Castle Coch

Castle Coch Near Cardiff  Fairy Tale Castle Near Cardiff.jpg

Castle Coch or the Red Castle,is surrounded by woodland just north of Cardiff on the A470 towards Merthyr.

It is really a "folly" built in 1870 for the 3rd Marquess of Bute by William Burgess.

But it was built on the foundations of a 13th century castle. The original castle was built from red sand stone which gives the present day castle it's name Castell Coch, which in Welsh means The Red Castle.

The castle because of it's "Camelot" appearance has been the location of many films, one which was the 1954 Hollywood movie The Black Knight, starring Alan Ladd. it was also used for the BBC adaptation of the The Prisoner of Zenda.

Other TV productions include The Worst Witch, and Tracey Beaker’s Movie Of Me and Robin Hood.

The castle has a drawbridge, and portcullis, a lovely court yard, and the interior decoration must be seen. Also look for the statue of Madonna and child over the entry gate. This 6ft tall statue pictured right was commissioned from the Italian sculptor Ceccardo Fucgina in 1878, and has recently undergone restoration.

There are some lovely walks in the surrounding woods.The castle is owned by C.A.D.W and there is an admission charge. Car parking is good and there are toilets, cafeteria,and souvenir shop in the castle forecourt.

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