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Chepstow Castle


Chepstow castle stands on rock above the swirling waters of the River Wye.

Building was started not long after the Battle of Hastings in 1066 by William Fitz Osbern, a companion of William the Conqueror.

It was one of the first stone built castles which were replacing the old timber and earth strongholds.

The structure was improved through the centuries up to the Civil War, the core being the Norman keep to which towers, walls, gatehouses and barbicans were added in later centuries.

Chepstow was adapted for cannons and musketry after a long seige during the Civil War, and continued to be in use up until 1690, and is still beautifully preserved.

There is a gift shop in the castle, and a display of the oldest wooden castle door in Europe.

Bring a picnic with you and relax in the castle grounds.

There are no dogs allowed in the castle.

After visiting the castle why not pop across to the Chepstow museum which reveals the rich and varied past of this ancient town, once an important port and market centre. The museum is just across the road from the castle in an elegant 18th century house built by a prosperous Chepstow merchant family.

  The museum is open 11~1, 2~5pm Mon to Sat/ and 2~5 on Sun...

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