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Porthcawl South Wales.jpg

I visit Porthcawl often as it's just down the road from my home. It has something to suit everyone.Coney beach is the commercial part with the fairground,candy floss, amusement arcades, donkey rides on the beach,etc. Neaby is the popular caravan park Trecco Bay

Along the promenade away from Coney beach, it becomes quieter with a small harbour, and fishing off Porthcawl  pier is very popular, but can be dangerous in strong wind

Continuing along the promenade which has been improved considerably recently, you can take a rest for ice cream, or a cappucino from the one of the kiosks overlooking the sea. Porthcawl is also becoming well known for the annual  Elvis Presley Festival, the largest event of its kind in Europe.

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