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Pembroke Castle

Pembroke Castle Birthplace of King Henry the Seventh Wales.jpg

Pembroke castle is situated on the banks of the River Cleddau within the small town of Pembroke West Wales.

During the middle ages Pembroke was an important port for travellers to Ireland. The castle began as a wooden fortress built by the Normans in 1093.

Then it was developed and held by William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke until his death in 1219 and over the following years by the succeeding Earls of Pembroke. In 1454 Jasper Tudor became Earl. In 1456  Jasper's brother, Earl of Richmond sent his pregnant wife to Pembroke for protection where she gave birth to a son called Henry, who was to become Henry V11 King of England

The tower where she gave birth is still called the Henry V11 tower.In 1648 Cromwell attacked the castle which was defended well by the inhabitants who eventually surrendered. Parts of the castle wall was destroyed by Cromwells army as a punishment!

The town of Pembroke is quite small with the main street running along the whole length of the town. It has a mix of shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants.

There is the remains of an old priory to visit, or take a walk along the millpond looking out for Kingfishers and Otters.


Facilities include:Toilets,Picnic Area, Snack Bar,Gift Shop, Guided Tours.

Events throughout the year,for detailsTel: 01646 681510


TicketStandard                                             With Gift Aid**

Adults (16+)£7.00                                             £7.70

Seniors (65+)£6.00                                           £6.60

Children (3-15) 



Children under 3FREE

Registered Disabled / Carer*£6.00               £6.60

*You may be asked to produce proof of disability allowance.

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