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Pendine Sands

 Pendine Sands West Wales

Pendine Sands is one of my favourite beaches, with a mixture of sand sea shells and rocks, great for the kids with their fishing nets.

The beach at Pendine is vast and was once the scene of land speed record attempts.

In 1927 J.G.Parry Thomas was killed trying to beat Malcolm Campell's record of 175 miles per hour.

His car which he called Babs (pictured below) overturned and Parry Thomas died  instantly from horrific injuries. The local people buried the remains of the car in the sand, but in 1969 amid much public outcry, Babs was excavated and is now fully restored.

The white building in the centre of the  photo above is a small museum giving details of the motoring history at Pendine.

There are some small shops selling souvenirs, beach goods,and there is also cafes and fish and chip shops. Toilet facilities are good, Car park near beach, (See Map Below) and access for the disabled is good.

J.G Parry Thomas's Car Babs Pendine.jpg

J.G.Parry Thomas car "Babs"



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